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About Us

Improve.com has the mission of improving and enhancing the lives of its users. The initial main sections consist of articles, top 10, and groups. Users can learn, evaluate, critique, join groups, look for jobs, or advertise a job.

The articles are designed to enhance ones knowledge or skill in a certain area, and provide not only a succinct summary of the topic, but also list the editor's top 10 picks for related references to that topic. In addition, the input of the users is welcomed, and can be in the form of posted comments and ratings, submission of their own suggested reference sites, or submission of articles.

The top 10 are references to the editors picks of the "top 10" ratings of references of various subjects. This will expand to encompass restaurants, and any other types of businesses or subjects. The users will be able to comment upon and rank the editors picks, and suggest their own subjects for rankings, and add their own suggested references.

The groups are where the improve community can get together, in small or large groups, to focus around certain specific subjects areas. The members can add specific topics to the group. Each group will have an owner or leader. Anyone can start a group, and be a leader. Friends can be invited. The goal is to have the groups formed around focal areas of interest. For example, there is an article on improve on "Retaining Good Employees". A group could be started on this subject. Other topics could be added, which would be subgroups under this group. There might be a new topic on "improving job satisfaction". Members of the group may be people other members know, or they may have been found by searching the users profiles for people with interests or expertise in this area. Ultimately, the group will consist of individuals with interest or expertise in areas of specific interest, and then anything can happen. Contacts can be made, discussions can be had on or off line, societies can be created, books can be written, symposia can be formed, and productivity can be increased and improved. It is up to the users imagination.

Jobs is an important portion of the users profiles. A users profile will indicate what the specific areas of expertise or employment are. By clicking on a radio button, the user can signify that they are looking for a job, or have a job to offer. This can be made visible or invisible, at the users request. But it is always searchable. For example, if a mechanical engineer is looking for a job, but does not want anyone to know that, they can click the button indicating that they are looking for a job, but keep that fact hidden to anyone viewing their profile, but visible to those searching to hire in that area. The same is true if one lists that they have a job to offer.

Ultimately, the best way to learn about improve.com is to jump in, and use it. Look at the features, read the articles, form or join a group or two, and contribute. And, it you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you for being part of the improve community.

Improve.com team