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Eating your Way To Good Health (Recipes for Doug Kaufmann's Anitfungal Diet)

By Doug Kaufmann


Section 1 ~ Breakfast Dishes

Section 2 ~ Salads and Dressings

Section 3 ~ Soups

Section 4 ~ Sauces, Dips and Appetizers

Section 5 ~ Vegetable Dishes

Section 6 ~ Beef, Pork and Lamb

Section 7 ~ Chicken and Turkey

Section 8 ~ Seafood

Section 9 ~ Juices and Other Beverages

Section 10 ~ Desserts and Snacks

Appendix 1 ~ Doug Kaufmann's Antifungal Eating Plan (Includes the Initial Phase Diet)

Appendix 2 ~ Foods to Avoid

Appendix 3 ~ Assessing Fungi's Impact on Your Health

Appendix 4 ~ A Week of Sample Menus for the Initial Phase Diet

Appendix 5 ~ Shopping list

Ingredients Index
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