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How to decode her body language

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


How to decode her body language

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
If you see someone new, or out on a first date with someone you like, how do you know she has the same feelings in return? You can find your answer in what she is saying with her body. Here is a list to help you decode her body language if you are not sure she is flirting with you, just wants to be friends, or not interested.

Body language that says she likes you:

1. Eye Contact: Good news if a girl is staring at you across the room or if she is intently watching your eyes when you talk. She really likes you if her pupils get larger when she looks as you.

2. Smile: She'll be showing all her teeth and there'll be a spark in her eyes. She really likes you if she's laughing at all your jokes.

3. Touch: She will touch herself (hair, neckline and other exposed areas) to make your eyes follow her hands - she is doing this on purpose. She really likes you if she touches your arm or leg when you're talking to her.

4. Proximity: She tries to get closer to you by moving seats or leaning towards you to hear you better. She really likes you if she sits next to you on the same side of a table or booth.

Body language that says she doesn't like you:

1. Eye Contact: Her eyes will look glazed over or she looks around the room like she's planning an escape.

2. Face: Her expression looks clenched; her lips are in a straight line and/or furrowed brows are a sure sign she is not enjoying what you are saying.

3. Body Position: If her chest and/or feet are positioned facing away from you, then her attention is not directed towards you.

4. Proximity: Her body will be leaning back or away from you and there is plenty of space for little chance of physical contact.

If you are trying to decode a woman's body language, and she is doing a mixture of these signs, then she is most likely not sure how she feels about you. Keep sending positive vibes her way and she might open up to your advances.

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