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How to decode his body language

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


How to decode his body language

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
If you see someone new, or out on a first date with someone you like, how do you know he has the same feelings in return? It can be confusing trying to read his signals, especially if he is a little on the shy side and not saying much. In reality, you can find your answer in what he is saying with his body. Here is a list to help you decode his body language if you are not sure he is flirting with you, just wants to be friends, or not interested.

Body language that says he likes you:

1. Eye Contact: It's all good news if a guy is staring at you across the room or if he is intently watching your eyes when you talk.

2. Peacocking: He may be rubbing his hands through his hair, or standing up broad and tall, either way he is putting on a show look good for you.

3. Touch: He will accidently touch your arm or leg when you're talking.

4. Proximity: He tries to get closer to you by moving seats or leaning towards you to hear you better.

Body language that says he doesn't like you:

1. Eye Contact: His eyes will look glazed over or he looks around the room looking for other options.

2. Face: His expression looks limp; lips are in a straight line and/or a tightened jaw shows he's disinterested.

3. Hands: Palms up and towards you are good, hands closed been he's not accepting of your efforts.

4. Proximity: If his chest and/or feet are positioned facing away from you or he's leaning away from you, then his attention is not directed towards you

If you are trying to decode a man's body language, and he is doing a mixture of these signs, then he is most likely not sure how he feels about you. Keep sending positive vibes his way and he might open up to your advances.

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