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Five looks men find sexy

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Five looks men find sexy

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
When you are looking to improve your chances of meeting someone new, you should probably know a little bit about what the opposite sex finds attractive. Men find certain looks sexy for different reasons; some a certain quality, others for an overall attractiveness. The following is a couple of looks that men tend to find sexy.

1. Natural: It's exactly what it sounds like; many men say they like to see what a woman really looks like without all the fuss. Someone wearing little or no makeup, and casual attire like a plain t-shirt and jeans, is one of the sexiest looks that a woman can pull off.

2. Glasses: Since intelligence is a characteristic many men look for, they think this look is attractive. When a girl wears glasses and simple clothing (preppy and/or nerdy), it helps the woman appear intelligent, so men think she has beauty and brains. Or wear sunglasses to add a little mystery.

3. Unexpected: If you go to the grocery store, where most people are business casual at best, and you are wearing a little black dress you are sure to be noticed. If you're at a party, and everyone is wearing jeans and t-shirts, then a kimono dress or sarong will work in your favor. It's all about the element of surprise so don't be afraid to develop your own style.

4. Legs: Whether you are wearing a dress, short skirt, or shorts, guys love it when you show off your legs. It's especially sexy if you are wearing heels; the calves look extra curvy and your legs look extra long.

5. Red: No matter the style of your hair, or the style of clothing, the look that men find most sexy is one that is full of confidence, and wearing red (clothes or lipstick) is a sign of confidence. It is also the color of passion and seduction. It's the perfect way to stand out in a crowd.

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