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Five looks women find sexy

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Five looks women find sexy

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
When you are looking to improve your chances of meeting someone new, you should probably know a little bit about what the opposite sex finds attractive. Women find looks sexy for different reasons; clothing, style, hair. The following is a couple of looks that women tend to find sexy.

Suits: The number one turn-on is a well-fitted suit. You will look smart, successful and responsible. No matter what you look like, these adjectives are attractive to women. Women do notice details, so e sure that you complete the look with some nice shoes and a fresh face (clean and trimmed).

Accessorized: No matter what outfit you are wearing, if you have a nice belt, good shoes, and a respectable watch, then we know you pay attention to details. You might want to think about adding a scarf or a blazer to really show your matching skills. Fashionable women will notice your style and the rest of them will notice the effort.

Casual: A fitted (this is very important) pair of nice jeans and a crisp, clean shirt is a very sexy outfit when worn well. It's the traditional male outfit that cowboys, bankers and fathers can wear, so it looks like you can be all three and be ready for anything.

Sleek: Wear pants (chinos, cargos or cords) instead of jeans to step up your game. Pair this off with a button-up or polo shirt and you will have a sophisticated, attractive look that's a step up from casual, yet not as stuffy as a suit. Don't forget to accessorize to increase the sexy factor.

Unique: Some women like men who wear guyliner, some like men who wear athletic gear, and some think uniforms are sexy. All women like men who are confident and comfortable in their skin, so finding a style that works for you, and shows your personality, will definitely be attractive to everyone.

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