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November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


foxtrot dance

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
The Foxtrot is one of the most important American ballroom dances to have ever graced the dance floor. It was so successful in the early 1900s that it has a muddled history of inventors and would-be inventor. But one person is actually credited with inventing the basics of the Foxtrot.

Vaudeville performer, one-time professional baseball player, Arthur Carringford, aka Harry Fox, is credited with trotting, that would eventually become the most popular of ballroom dances. At one theatre, they hired Harry Fox and the Dolly Sisters. In between movies, the Dolly Sisters danced on the roof, while Harry would trot down steps and around, to ragtime music. It became known as Fox's Trot. Incidentally, Arthur (Harry) married Yansci of the Dolly Sisters.

The Fox's Trot grew in popularity and "professors of dance" and other choreographers began to take the unrefined trot and make it what we know it as today: It is the Two-step, but done with a broken rather than even beat. In other words, it is slow-slow-quick-quick. One professional dancer/choreographer, Oscar Duryea, modified the original Fox's Trot by taking the long periods of trotting and making them a glide or saunter. Once the Foxtrot was modified by these different dancers, it hit public mass appeal.

It was so popular that there were ladies styles, such as Foxtrot hats, suits, gloves. The first mail-order dance steps were by an entrepreneur, Arthur Murray, and the dance steps were for the Foxtrot. He sold them for 10 cents.

In the history of the origin and creation of the Foxtrot, many variations came about, such as the, "Peabody," "The Quickstep," "Reuben Foxtrot," "Kangaroo Hop," and "The Roseland Foxtrot" Some claimed to be the "Original Foxtrot." By 1915, the Foxtrot was at the height of its popularity, and ever since has become a staple of ballroom dancing.

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