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Personal Appearance

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Personal Appearance

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Personal appearance refers to the way that an individual looks. Personal appearance specifically refers to the outward look of a person. An individual's appearance can greatly affect their social relationships as well as their personality and career. Many people are very sensitive about their personal appearance, which some theorize is due to evolution and the need to be attractive to mates in order to propagate the species. People can appear very different from one another dependent upon genes, age, culture and lifestyle. While many physical attributes are assigned to an individual even at birth, there are many ways to improve personal appearance in order to improve confidence, social relationships, and other aspects of life that may be affected by one's outward appearance.

Improve.com will focus on the following aspects that can affect personal appearance:

* Accessories/MEN

* Belts

* Cologne & Grooming

* Electronics & Gadgets

* Hats

* Gloves

* Scarves

* Shoes

* Sunglasses

* Watches

* Jewelry

* Wallets

* Accessories/WOMEN

* Belts

* Cosmetic Bags

* Gloves

* Hair Accessories

* Handbag Accessories

* Handbags

* Backpacks

* Clutch Handbags & Occasion

* Crossbody & Minibags

* Messengers & Waist Bags

* Satchels

* Hobos

* Laptop Bags

* Shoulder Bags

* Tote Handbags

* Hosiery

* Jewelry

* Key Chains

* Scarves and Wraps

* Slippers

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