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Vietnamese Immigrants

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Vietnamese Immigrants

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Most Vietnamese immigrants came to the United States at the end of the Vietnam War. These immigrants sought refuge, in America, after the North Vietnamese Army, called the People's Army of Vietnam, captured Saigon, the capitol city of South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese captured Saigon on April 30, 1975. This event is referred to as "The Fall of Saigon." There were more than 125,000 South Vietnamese people who had been working with and helping the American armed forces, during the Vietnam War. In an effort to save these people and their families from retaliation by the North Vietnamese, America used military planes and cargo ships to get these refugees out of South Vietnam.

The 125,000 Vietnamese were brought to military bases around America. In 1975 Congress passed the Indochina Migration and Refugee Act of 1975. This law established a system for assisting this influx of refugees in settling into life in the United States. Church and religious groups such as the United States Catholic Conference and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society began working with these refugees and helping them find housing, employment and schools for their children.

In 1977 a second wave of refugees began leaving South Vietnam. They were trying to escape the laws of the Communist government in Vietnam. These refugees left Vietnam in various types and sizes of boats and were called, "The Boat People." America once again opened its borders to help these refugees. Congress enacted laws that allowed up to 50,000 Vietnamese immigrants per year to enter the United States. From 1977 to 2000 Vietnamese immigrants came to America to start a new life for themselves and their families. It is estimated that more than one million Vietnamese immigrants have come to the United States.

Many Vietnamese settled along the coasts of America. Many of the men are involved in the fishing industry. Vietnamese women have a reputation for being hard workers. Many own small family businesses. These immigrants tend to live in communities with other Vietnamese immigrants as well as the next generations of Vietnamese Americans. The Vietnamese value education and community service.

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