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Mental Blocks that Impede Athletic Performance

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Mental Blocks that Impede Athletic Performance

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
What keeps many athletes from shining when normally they fare very well? You've seen them at moments when it seemed as they couldn't miss a shot, the running back breaks for 70 yard runs for a touchdown, the golfer drives down the range without a mistake and the boxer for whatever the reason does not lose a round.... But then something goes wrong and the effort fails.

We know that most world-class athletes have this in them, but what happens when it seems at an individual level they are fumbling the ball, missing free throws and sending golf balls into the hazards? What causes a key player to fail to come through in the clutch? That fire that you normally see in their eyes is gone. Their confidence has waned; no longer are they a fierce warrior or competitor, they are out of balance. Listed below are some examples of mental blocks that impede athletic performance.

1. Fear or anxiety. Constant worry, fear of success and fear of failure are common enemies that thwart performance skills for athletes. Competition can bring out the best and worst in athletes. The game is on the line and the basketball chokes at the line. By checking fear and anxiety at the door, the body and mind will be one during competition.

2. Lack of focus. This occurs when one is distracted from being in the moment. Maybe the athlete is worried about the crowd, concerned about his/her stats or issues at home. However, this influences how the athlete will perform athletically.

3. Intimidation. The other team is bigger and stronger, yet you overlook the strengths that your team has. This is a self-defeating attitude; the wrong perception. This particular attitude invokes the lack of confidence that causes many teams to lose by huge margins, intimidation.

4. Unrealistic Expectations. This mental barrier is normally affiliated with going out onto the field saying to yourself "I need to pitch a no-hitter". This puts unnecessary pressure on yourself, rather than just going out playing the game.

5. "I'm just not good enough." This type of belief causes the athlete to doubt their ability to perform. The athlete takes on an attitude of defeat and wonders why they should even go through with the effort since it will only result in a loss.

Winning the mental game is half the battle in competition. If one can overcome what happens inside the man then most likely they've already won the game. Consider the above information if you're a competitor and keep these five mental blocks from affecting your skills.

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