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Ability to be a Fearless Athlete

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Ability to be a Fearless Athlete

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Throughout competitive sports, there is a need for mental training. Many athletes may have the physical make-up, but they find themselves in moments when it really counts, not being able to perform. The problem many times is not in their skills. It lies in the fact of a self-defeatist attitude and lack of focus. There are athletes who do well in practice, but when it's time for the game, they choke. So what does it take to become a fearless athlete?

1. Converting practice performance to game performance. You feel confident, unstoppable and loose during practice. Then in games, you're tense, unfocused and indecisive. What changed between practice and the game? You're still the same person, but you aren't performing how you should. Normally, fear and tension are the culprits. Master your feelings before the game and you'll be at your best during the game.

2. Perfectionist qualities. There are plenty of athletes who believe that being a perfectionist is the reason why they are successful. There are some advantages to this, such as high motivation, drive and being goal-oriented. But, many of these qualities hold athletes back from success because it causes them to become overly self-critical. They try too hard, failing and not meeting their own unreasonable expectations.

3. You don't perform well when in front of other people. When others are watching you perform you become very self-conscious and lose focus on the given task. As an athlete you might worry about letting your teammates down or not performing to the liking of a parent or other loved one. If you focus on the moment and shut out all distractions, you'll be at your best.

In addition to the above tips, the mental aspect of sports is by far one of the critical aspects of competition. Athletes often fail due to the problems listed above. Becoming fearless takes a certain mindset, which is that of a warrior. Going into competition should be viewed as if you're going into a war. Do not hold anything back during your scheduled game, but leave everything on the court, field or ring.

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