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November 06, 2012
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By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Handball was first competed at the Olympic level in 1936. However, it was dropped from the Olympic program after that year. Handball was brought back on as a men's sport in 1972, and became an official women's Olympic sport in 1976. Handball has remained as an Olympic sport since.

Handball is a team sport, and involves seven players on each team. The object of the game is to throw the ball into the opposing team's goal and the team with the most goals wins. Each team has a goalkeeper and six other players that play in the outfield. Handball matches typically last 60 minutes, with two halves of 30 minutes total. Handball matches can have scores as high as 30 in some competitions, and involve lots of fouls, as handball players cannot foul out of game.

The actual game is played on a very large court with dimensions of 40 meters by 20 meters, and is one of the largest in the Olympics. There are also areas on the court that players cannot go with the handball, such as the goal area in front of both goals. Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed to be in this area, but players can jump into the area to attempt a shot, provided that they release the ball before their feet touch the ground. The area in front of the goal is divided into two different areas, the inner d and the outer d. The inner d is six meters from the goal and is a darker blue shade. The outer d is 9 meters from the goal and is displayed by a dotted line. The outer d marks the edge of the goal area.

In each Olympic games, nearly 170 men and 170 women compete in the game on 24 total teams. Each team fields 14 athletes and each country can field only one men and one women's team to the Olympic games.

A total of 33 team medals have been awarded during handballs time as an men's Olympic sport, with 9 different countries earning more than one medal. Romania has the most total medals, with four, but has zero gold medals. Four countries have won more than one gold medal, including the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Russia and Croatia.

For the women, South Korea has won the most medals, with seven total. However, the Soviet Union women have won the most gold, with four gold medals and six total medals in the sport. Yugoslavia, Denmark, South Korea and Croatia also have won more than one gold.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) governs handball internationally.

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