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Olympic Roque

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Olympic Roque

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Roque was contested only once, during the 1904 Olympic Games. Roque is a variation of the popular game croquet and was created in the United States. The event was put in place to replace croquet for the 1904 Olympics. Croquet was an event at the prior Olympic, the 1900 Paris games. The game of roque, during this time period, was extremely popular and in some circles had been deemed the game of the century. However, the game did not take off in the way it was originally imagined, and the sport of roque is now obsolete.

Roque is played on a 30 by 60 foot hard-surfaced court, typically made of clay or sand. A roque court also has beveled curbs on the ends, allowing players to hit balls off of it. The edges of the roque court allowed players to utilize the edges like pool players use the edge of pool tables. The arches, referred to as wickets in croquet, are anchored into the court in roque. Ten arches litter the roque court, consisting of seven points.

Roque also uses a mallet, but it is around 24 inches long; shorter than a standard croquet mallet. A roque mallet also consists of rubber at one end, and the rest can be made with aluminum, plastic or wood.

During the 1904 Games only four Americans competed in the event. No other countries sent athletes to compete in the short-lived event. Charles Jacobus took the gold in the double round-robin Olympic tournament. Jacobus finished the tournament with five wins and one loss. Smith Streeter took the silver, winning four matches and losing two. Charles Brown took the bronze with three wins and three losses, while William Chalfant was the odd man out, with no medal and no wins in six matches.

The event had a lackluster amount of people in it, much similar to the Olympic prior, where only France and Belgium sent any athletes to compete in croquet, with only French athletes medaling. The mallet sports would not be part of any Olympic games moving forward.

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