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November 06, 2012
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By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
During the past decade the rise in sustainable living practices has given life to a new and exciting term-ecotourism! The United States has long been known for its beautiful and vivid natural landscapes, and ecotourism is specifically targeting this type of adventure travel, or alternate travel. Ecotourism is, simply put, a way to travel to colorful and natural places, using sustainable methods of travel, and benefitting local communities.

There are varying degrees of criteria relating to ecotourism and on the whole three areas are sought out where ecotourism has been established;

1. Eco Treks - Also known as adventure hikes or back to nature excursions, the eco trekker will travel to areas that are many times under environmental risk that a particular group or association would like to conserve. These localities will oftentimes provide natural places to climb rocks, swim, indulge in bird watching or offer hiking opportunities. One of the central components of an eco trek is mingling with the population of the particular locality, which enriches the experience, and can help support the area.

2. Eco- Lodging or Eco- Resorts - These hotels, hostels, or bed and breakfasts are constructed with the constraints of the green building or sustainable building criteria as their guidelines. They are locate in close proximity to areas that offer nature hikes, bird watching, boating, and other natural activities.

3. Argro- Tourism - This type of ecotourism revolves around rural or farm communities and finds profit in designing these areas as places of fascination for the tourist trade. Volunteer slots often exist in argro tourism settings and the visitor can often become familiar with animal, plants, and methods of preservation known only to these particular areas.

At the heart of eco-tourism is the opportunity for the tourist to enjoy getting close to nature and using sustainable methods of travel, accommodation, and community development. Many times these areas rely solely or in part on ecotourism to supply financial support.

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