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Public Policy

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Public Policy

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Public Policy is used to describe two different things, the goals which a body of government sets to enact with the good of the constituency in mind and the academic discipline in which the study of how numerous aspects of different social sciences come together in order to affect what actions that governments take.

The government does not just gather in city hall, state capitals, or Washington and start enacting laws. What they are going to be enacting or changing laws for needs to be decided first. This is essentially what public policy is, the things or issues that the government will be working towards taking action on with the public good in mind.

Figuring out what public issues need to have action taken on first can be challenging for politicians to decide. Often times they will rely on advocacy groups to inform them what issues are the ones that plague the country/state/municipality the most. Different groups representing certain interests will often lobby politicians in order to influence the level of importance that their issue is given when it comes time to develop new policies.

Academics want to study the method by which public policy is formed and enacted. Since public policy is supposed to deal with what the people need the most, this often entails different aspects of social science in order to discover what the public needs and how the government goes about dealing with the issue.

The study of public policy does not end with the shaping of public policy. It also reviews how the policy is implemented via program evaluation and policy analysis. This differs from the study of political science in that the study of public policy is more concerned with the theory put into practice.

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