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Meeting Someone New

November 06, 2012
Group owner Richard Martine


Meeting Someone New

By: Richard Martine   Post Date : November 06, 2012
Finding a date gets harder once out of school; there aren't classes, organizations or friends that introduce you to large amounts of people with similar interests. Now that you are an adult, it may be a little harder to find someone you connect with on different levels. Here are some ways to improve your chances of meeting someone new.

Friends & Family: One of the best ways to meet someone similar to you is by reaching out to your friends and family; have them set up you up on dates, or have parties and invite all their single friends. Network with people close to you in the same way you would if you were on a job search.

Clubs/Organizations: Joining a club or organization in something you like or are passionate about will not only make you more interesting, but you are more likely to find someone that shares these interests with you. Be sure to do as many events as you can to increase the chance of meeting someone new.

Speed Dating: Speed dating events are full of people just like you; single and ready to mingle. You get to meet up to 30 people at an event, talk to them for a few minutes to see if there's any chemistry, and decide if you want to do more with them on a later date.

Online Services: Meeting people online is slowly becoming accepted. There are many different types of sites so you can look for specific qualities that you wish to have in a significant other. It is a fast way to meet lots of people who are looking for similar things in a relationship.

There are many other ways to improve your chances at meeting someone new; there are services that set up dates for you, talking to people in public places (grocery stores or sports events), and more. The idea is to be open and friendly so someone will want to say hi to you.

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