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Meet Our Team

Dr. Paul Popp

Dr. Paul Popp is Executive Editor and COO of Improve.com. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (BS), Duquesne University (MBA),and the University of Cincinnati (MPA, PhD). He is a former university professor, senior manager in business and government, and entrepreneur. Dr. Popp is the author of several textbooks, numerous articles in academic and professional journals, and the co-author (with neurosurgeon Gary E. Kraus, MD) of the medical thrillers Body Trade and Body Trade 2.

Leah Ann Crussell

Leah Ann Crussell completed her journalism education from Kansas State University in 1982, and since then she has worked with hundreds of authors as an editor for various publishing houses and as a freelance editor. Leah Ann has edited just about everything—children’s books, novels, self-help articles, nonfiction books, scientific and technical books, and medical journal articles. Her clients have been from all over the U.S. Her favorite aspect about freelance editing is working with a variety of authors on a myriad of projects covering a wide spectrum of subjects. She resides in Colorado where she works full-time from her home office.

Josh Kaminski

Josh Kaminski is a graduate of Butler University (English-Writing) and the MFA program in Creative Writing at Purdue University where he also taught rhetoric, freshman composition, and creative writing. In addition he has extensive experience working with Powerpoint, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Publisher, Word, Excel and Photoshop. His writing responsibilities with Improve.com included the following categories: Spine Conditions/Back Pain, Home Video Games, Alternative Construction Methods, Home Brewing, Garden Plants and Flowers. He is available for contract writing assignments on any researchable topic.

Jennifer Conger

Jennifer Conger graduated from the University of West Florida with a Master’s Degree in Political Science. For ten years she worked as a technical writer for the Department of Defense in its information management support center then as the lead technical writer for the Military Leadership Diversity Commission. She is a former instructor at Trinity University in Washington, DC where she taught classes on American government in its foreign exchange student program and First Amendment and Civil Rights courses in Trinity’s Elderhostel program.

Sam Wallace

Sam Wallace, Ed.D. is a writer and a licensed professional counselor. He is keenly interested in wellness promotion because getting more Americans to choose a healthy lifestyle is the best way to control runaway health care costs - not to mention individual quality of life. Sam lives in Virginia, is married and has two grown children. His doctorate in counseling is from William and Mary. He can be contacted at MiG200@comcast.net.

Dale Grdnic

Dale Grdnic is a contributing writer for Improve.com. He has a master's degree in journalism and public relations, as well as a bachelor's degree in speech communications and broadcasting from Penn State University. Dale has spent more than 30 years in communications with the past 19 as a freelance writer-editor for several newspapers and websites. His primary experience has been in sports, and he authored the hardback book Pittsburgh Steelers Glory Days.

April Brewster Smythe

April Brewster Smythe is a veteran business/online & print writer. Her talents and acquired experience in the fields of small business, entrepreneurship, and environmental advocacy have enabled her to become the recipient of three significant awards. In 2010, she was honored with an Entrepreneurial Award/NE Indiana Innovation Center, Green Innovator of the Year/ NE Indiana Green Builders Coalition, Innovator of the Year/Retail-Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. Smythe specializes in business, and web content creation and coordination, crafting writing tools from press releases, to complete eBooks. She is the author of the Sustainable Living Practices, Small Business Essentials and a contributor to the Rock Musicians segment of Improve.com.

Tonia Steinkamp

Tonia Steinkamp has been a freelance writer, researcher and editor for over ten years. Her experience includes columnist and copyeditor for a national print magazine, as well as a web content contributor in the fields of research, business and travel. As a consultant she is recognized for her well developed research and proofreading skills coupled with a commitment to deliver projects on time. Her services include: Copyediting & Proofreading, Web Content Writing & Editing, Research Reports, Fact Checking, Business & Academic Writing. Tonia has a BA in English from Northern Kentucky University and a MA in English from Xavier University.
Visit her website, www.toniasteinkamp.com for more information.

Sarah McKibben Black

Sarah McKibben Black, CPA, SPHR earned a B.S. in Accountancy and a Master of Accounting Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduating as a Chancellor's Scholar from the Campus Honors Program. After starting her career at Arthur Andersen in Chicago, Sarah spent several years with KPMG before taking on a national role at Sears Holdings Corporation. She served as a recruiting manager for a Fortune 500 recruiting firm and, most recently, is active in a leadership capacity with Clark & Fullerton Executive Search.
Sarah is available for contract writing and editing and can be contacted at sarahmckibben@yahoo.com.

Emma Rose Gallimore

Emma Rose Gallimore is a freelance writer and journalist. She earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Maine and went on to write for newspapers in Maine, Virginia and Japan. She also writes for online companies and non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross. She specializes in informational articles, research and business writing. To contact her, email ergallimore at gmail dot com.

Kay Bosworth

Kay Bosworth is a graduate of Transylvania University with a BA in English. She has been a reporter, covering municipal government, and a copy editor for several local and regional newspapers. She was formerly an editor at McGraw-Hill Book Company, a copywriter for JC Penney, and chief copywriter for a fashion ad agency. She has written numerous short instructional articles for eHow, TypeF, LiveStrong.com, and other online resources. She is available for contract writing, editing, and proofreading.

Vince Caruso

Vince Caruso is from West Virginia, received his Bachelors at University of South Carolina Beaufort and his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of Miami. In prose, he mixes prepositions, of which he must be aware; in poetry, he loves to break rules. Vince currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida.

Carla D’Errico

Writing is a passion of Carla's, from travel pieces in Columbus CityScene Magazine to celebrity interviews, TV and movie reviews with TheCelebrityCafe.com, to features of some of the most amazing architectural structures around the world that just so happen to also be environmentally-friendly with Buildipedia.com. Not to mention getting her name printed on the front page bylines of local newspapers. You could say it all started when Carla created her own major of travel writing at The Ohio State University, but really she's been a storyteller since she was a wee child. How else would she have gotten away with blaming it on her brother?

Keren Perles

Keren Perles is a freelance writer who has currently written science and Judaism articles for Improve.com. She has written on a variety of subjects, including science and English educational materials for K-12, college-level science courses, features articles on various education and parenting topics, and a phonics curriculum for students with special needs. A graduate of University of Maryland Baltimore County (BA), Mrs. Perles currently spends her non-writing time running after two rambunctious little boys and tutoring close to a dozen high school students a year.

Elisabeth Bishop

Writer Elisabeth Bishop is a graduate of Austin College. She has published three novels under her pseudonym, Emmie Graham. Elisabeth has also authored numerous magazine and website articles and content. She strives to master the art of writing professionally while managing her consulting firm.

Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker finished an undergraduate degree, and is currently a graduate student, at Eastern Kentucky University. She has been a pre-kindergarten teacher since 2008, is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and has worked as a freelance writer since 2010.

Travis Pulver

Travis Pulver is one of the writers for Improve.com. He earned a bachelor’s degrees from Texas A&M (Maritime Administration) and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (Political Science) and has a master’s in Political Science from Ball State. When he finally stopped going back to school he got a job in government, but has been writing professionally since 2007. Most of his work has been for the web, primarily on sports but he also politics, entertainment, e-commerce, law, transportation, dating and the self-storage industry. A stay-at-home Dad, he hopes to one day complete his first of many novels.

Andrew Bowling

Andrew Bowling is a writer for Improve.com. He is a venerable factotum who has hurdled over life as a mental health counselor, a demi-librarian, an erstwhile photographer, and a coulda-been academic that now occupies himself as a wordsmith for hire.

Cori Kavanaugh

Cori Kavanaugh is a student at the University of Cincinnati. She is majoring in International Social Work and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies with a minor in Psychology. Cori hopes to use this combination of majors to help women and children raise their social standing and level of education in undeveloped countries throughout Africa, Central and South America. In her free time, Cori likes to read, spend time with dogs, and bake.

Heather Long

Heather Long has enjoyed a successful and carried career as a project manager, copywriter, copy editor, technical writer, educator, and author. She is a creative thinker with an analytical approach to information management and dissemination. A skilled communicator, Long holds bachelor of science in psychology, a master’s degree in business administration and a successful fifteen year career in education and information technology. Her interest in fairy tales, folklore, and religion are a direct extension of her studies of people, regions and history.

Janea Carter

Janea Carter is a journalist and a marketing professional.She is a graduate of Central State University (B.A.) and Central Michigan University (MBA). The wife and mother of 6 enjoys writing on a variety of topics, particularly pregnancy, motherhood and women's fitness. For freelance writing, she can be reached at janea.jackson@gmail.com.

Kristin Untisz

Kristin Untisz is a contributing writer to Improve.com. She is a graduate of Wilkes University with a bachelor of arts degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in journalism and public relations. Kristin is a freelance writer who previously freelanced for a daily newspaper and served as an advertising account executive.

Laura Oldham

Laura Oldham is a freelance copywriter, website developer and social media consultant for her own business, El-Be Social Marketing. She focuses on writing search-friendly copy for websites and helps small businesses market themselves online more effectively. Please visit http://el-be.com or email laura@el-be.com if you think she may be able to help your business. Laura is a transplant of Chicago, Illinois, who is now based in Columbus, Ohio, and she has clients scattered throughout the Midwest.

Linda Kohl

Linda Kohl has a bachelors degree in English and Earth Science and has been a technical writer for over 30 years. She has written for websites, newspapers and magazines. Now retired, she continues to do freelance writing. Her main interests are nature, history and travel. Her hobbies are jewelry making and painting watercolor landscapes. To learn more about her, and see samples of her published articles visit www.kohl-consulting.biz.

Matt Barnett

Matt Barnett is a copywriter at Caldwell VanRiper based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In his years of experience, he has been fortunate to write on a wide variety of subjects from professional basketball to pathology. He is currently working on a collection of children's books.

Varnell Carter

Varnell Carter is a Fitness & Healthy Living Expert and a Mental & Physical Peak Performance Coach. His expertise and methods have helped transform many peoples lives. His writing responsibilities for Improve.com include the following: fitness training, weight-training, weight-loss, nutrition, peak performance coaching/life coaching and alternative/holistic medicine and living. He is available for contractual writing for any of the above categories.

Shannon Conner

Shannon Conner is a contributing author on Improve.com. She has a degree in communications from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She began her career at AT&T in Corporate Communications before going out on her own. Shannon currently owns a small business, freelances and most importantly manages six kids. She is happy to share her expertise on parenting here at Improve.com.

Damani Dickerson

Damani Dickerson is a freelance writer specializing in sports, business and entertainment. He is a graduate of Indiana State University (BS Journalism), where he was a scholarship athlete (Football) and is currently working on his MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University. He has hundreds of published articles in print media, as well as online publications. Presently Damani writes gamers and feature stories for Vype High School Sports Magazine and covers the Indianapolis Colts for the Indianapolis Recorder. Damani is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating a relocation company and commercial cleaning business.

Leah Moody

Leah Moody is a self-proclaimed social media and Internet guru. She graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Anthropology in 2010. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, she still considers herself a country girl despite the fact she now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Miss Moody is the Product Communications Designer for a software company where she spends her days creating and designing user manuals and other reference guides. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, painting, and writing for IMPROVE.com. She says her favorite part of writing for IMPROVE.com is writing about new and exciting topics while learning something new.

Shirley Turner

Shirley Turner is a contributing writer to Improve.com. She is a graduate of Wright State University, University of Dayton, and Walden University. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in history, a Master of Science in Teaching with a concentration in Secondary Education, and a M.B.A. in Finance. Shirley is a former post-secondary professor who has worked as a freelance writer in a variety of capacities.

Heidi Howes

Heidi Howes is a contributing writer at Improve.com. She holds a B.A. from Northland College in Creative Writing and Vocal Performance, and is a published singer-songwriter and poet with two full-length original albums and a chapbook of poetry under her belt. Howes is the Executive Director at CityMusic Columbus, works as a freelance writer and editor, and lives in Columbus, Ohio with her two children and their chocolate lab, Simone.

Midar Balimuttajjo

Midar Balimuttajjo is a premedical student, who is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Biological and Physical Science with a minor in Psychology at the University of Houston-Downtown. She is a research assistant for the Atmospheric Science program at UHD. Midar is passionate about studying medicine and pursuing a career in developmental pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, traveling, painting, and writing.

Janis Adams

Janis Adams is the celebrated writer who pens the weekly newspaper column Saving Grace. She is the author of A Guide for Single Moms: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Healthy, Happy Children on Your Own. Her feature articles have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, journals and on countless websites. Janis is available for contract writing, editing and proofreading and can be contacted at Janis_Adams@verizon.net. You can visit her website @ JanisAdams.org .

Nicole Vaughn

Nicole Vaughn is a freelance writer and public relations professional whose love affair with words began as soon as her fingers could grasp a stubby pencil. A former editor and award-winning print journalist, she has been perfecting the art of storytelling for more than two decades, expanding her use of the art form beyond words to incorporate photos and video. She is currently chronicling historic St. Louis architecture, lost and extant. A serial DIYer, she also blogs at This D*mn House.

Hayley Miller

Hayley Miller is a graduate of Bradley University where she studied Communications and English Literature. She has worked as a freelance writer and editor, waitress, bartender, and tutor. She is actively involved in the world of creative writing, mainly by working as a volunteer and workshop leader at an organization in Chicago where she helps students of all ages find their creative voices. She has had the good fortune to foster her love of writing at the Iowa Writers' Workshop Graduate Summer Program. She is a senior writer at Improve.com and has contributed to numerous categories.

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer holds a B.A. In English from Eastern Kentucky University, 1980, and a J.D. from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, 1983. He has been engaged in the general practice of law since 1983. While his focus has been in the area of criminal defense, he has a vast amount of experience in other areas such as family law and domestic relations, municipal law, worker's compensation and personal injury. His hobbies include reading, cooking, fishing and following his favorite sports teams, the Cincinnati Reds and Louisville Cardinal basketball and football.

Dr. Emi Aprekuma

Dr. Emi Aprekuma is the founding member of Guide Me, a company that provides writing support and maintains the website guidemeagain.com. Aprekuma attended University of Alabama School of Law and ultimately graduated from Chicago-Kent School of Law with a J.D. In addition to running Guide Me, she has practiced pro bono law for the past 3 years.